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For first time buyers, mortgages can seem like a huge financial burden and, if you’ve never taken out a loan as large as your first mortgage, this may be quite intimidating..

If you move before the mortgage term is over on that property, you can transfer the existing mortgage over to the new one, effectively using a method called ‘porting’.

Approximately 33% of home loans in Britain are re-mortgages. What this means is you borrow money against your property, or you take out a new mortgage to replace the existing one.

This is a secured loan for those who wish to purchase a property with the intention of renting it out to tenants.

The commercial property mortgages cover a number of products to refurbish, renovate or invest in commercial property.

A bridging loan is useful if the person needs to borrow money on a short-term basis. It is handy if they wish to purchase a new home before selling the old one.


Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) covers the mortgage costs each month should circumstances change, such as loss of job or illness.

Income protection insurance (IPI) is designed to pay out an income when an accident or serious illness prevents someone from earning a living through their normal occupation.

The losses covered by general insurance can be property loss, liability loss, personnel loss, pecuniary loss, and interruption loss.

We offer protection in these areas. PMI CIC Income Protection


Life assurance can lessen the financial impact of someone passing away, but it must be remembered that serious illness can also create a significant financial burden.